Saturday, January 14, 2012

Heart of Ice - MRR Review

Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl

Heart of Ice is a thrilling novel that begins with theft, leads to arson, and unravels with several random murders. The story revolves around three friends, Nic an FBI agent; Allison a prosecutor; and Cassidy, a TV crime reporter.  Woven into the story is the life of a psych, beautiful, woman in her mid thirties. All the while you get a bird's eye view into her schemes and how she plans to play The Game. 

After the first few chapters I was consumed with Lis Wiehl's amazing book. The plot was perfect, the characters were entertaining, and the suspense was stunning. However, I personally would not recommend this novel. (See sexual content below)

Positive Content: Allison is a devoted Christian. Lindsay is coming clean of drugs, alcohol, and her street life.

Spiritual content: Elizabeth speaks of a family member being involved in witchcraft and proceeds to read Cassidy's tea leaves. There is also mention of palm reading.

Romance/ Sexual Content: Elizabeth's body is described quite vividly, as well as Jenna's and Cassidy's. Elizabeth lures a college aged man into a VERY physical relationship with her. It is hinted strongly that Elizabeth and Ian sleep together several times. 

Nicole is battling breast cancer, so a lot of physical description is given as to what she is experiencing during ultrasounds, x-rays, scans, and examinations. 

Violence: There are several murders, all involving descriptive details. 

Language: None

Alcohol/ Drug Content: As I said, Lindsay is coming clean of her addictions.

Negative Content: The sexual scenes thrown into this book really disappointed me. 

Conclusion: Although I was addicted to this book, the sex scenes, body descriptions, and even some of the breast cancer details, I found unneeded and distasteful. Therefore...

I rate this book:
2 out of 5 



Ashley said...

Eek. I've NEVER rated a book 2 of 5...though I've rated one 0 of 5....Maybe I'll not be borrowing this one from you...;-D

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